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Chest of Drawers


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Discover our huge Chest of Drawers range.

Instead of painting the whole drawers of the same color, I decided to paint only the front of the drawers. I chose a yellow color that matches perfectly to the furnishings. This way you can have a piece of furniture other than saving work. Downstairs I put all the pot empty instead of Snow Cosmetics, products that I need to have on hand for manicure (base, top coat, lime) and cotton pads. All in all I'm pretty happy with how I organized the dresser, I have yet to get the hang of, however: after years I had a different arrangement, I always have to think about where they are now the products I'm looking for! For each drawer there are comfortable comfortable 6 boxes Glis, I decided to divide the drawers feature: one in the palette, in a products from the face, etc., and to separate the boxes in the drawers by color. It sounds complicated but seeing the photos will be easier. I then took the drawers and 6 packs of boxes Glis from children's department to help me put the products, choosing not to install the caps to the boxes so that you have more on hand. The only concern I have is that having the hole in the drawers to facilitate the opening, throw a lot of dust ... let's hope not! As you can see a piece of furniture can become a key piece cheesy furnishing of a room, with a little 'color and imagination. Speaking of this piece of furniture, the drawers do not suffocate the space visually and give more freedom than ever present wardrobe. Fulfill important functions, not only to contain, but also to offer a plan that you can make with fun items or functional: lamps, vases, boxes of precious, frames ... and the best that can come to your mind! Alex has good that all the drawers have the latch, so do not risk too much in that pulling out a drawer, this can come off and fall. The assembly also is simple, the real problem is that it weighs a bang and transportation home is not the most straightforward. The "body" of the dresser I left with the wood in sight, I only gave it a coat of wood preservative oil based, which also gave them the amber color so beautiful. Emporiokit offers an almost endless choice of models with different size and structure, but a common factor of all the drawers for sale online is their great adaptability to any environment, from home to office to the garage. The drawer can take various shapes and sizes to suit the various rooms of the house: for example, a chest of drawers in white lacquer is well adapted to the bathroom, a light beech to the utility room, a cherry is rather ideal for the bedroom or for kitchen.