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So I decided to buy a new big chest, he went to replace the Malm two drawers and all these cassettierine table, trying to tidy up a bit 'all. The choice fell on Alex 9 drawers Ikea: aesthetics as I would have liked a lot more Malm high but had the problem that the low drawers were too low and drawers funds funds were too small to store products anyway. The price is about 109 euro, which for a dresser of this size is very affordable! For example, if you want to buy a chest of drawers for the bedroom, you may want to choose one which offers plenty casetti. In many cases, the drawers can be as small and handy to also act as a bedside table. Aniwai ... see the arrangement! For each drawer there are comfortable comfortable 6 boxes Glis, I decided to divide the drawers feature: one in the palette, in a products from the face, etc., and to separate the boxes in the drawers by color. It sounds complicated but seeing the photos will be easier. The drawer units must be equipped with spacious drawers for storing clothes, linens and everything else would be around to create disorder in the room. The emporium of mobile kit offers various types of drawers increasingly, from classic in rustic, modern style, with a wide range of colors, to the decor of your bedroom. The drawer units today are increasingly attention to detail and among the most popular colors we see cherry, wenge, white lacquer and maple essence. The pedestals are also useful for areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen; there are removable or made from a single piece. inaugurating this 2015 talking about the true queen of the bedroom! Because the King will also be the bed, but as to importance and utility, the drawer is not far behind! As you can see a piece of furniture can become a key piece cheesy furnishing of a room, with a little 'color and imagination. All in all I'm pretty happy with how I organized the dresser, I have yet to get the hang of, however: after years I had a different arrangement, I always have to think about where they are now the products I'm looking for! Alex has good that all the drawers have the latch, so do not risk too much in that pulling out a drawer, this can come off and fall. The assembly also is simple, the real problem is that it weighs a bang and transportation home is not the most straightforward. The original touch of this dresser Rast are the knobs. I chose different ceramic models and I've screwed unpaired.

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