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Check out our great range of chest of drawers at IdeaForHome.

Aniwai ... see the arrangement! Speaking of this piece of furniture, the drawers do not suffocate the space visually and give more freedom than ever present wardrobe. Fulfill important functions, not only to contain, but also to offer a plan that you can make with fun items or functional: lamps, vases, boxes of precious, frames ... and the best that can come to your mind! Today we have a new Ikea Hack; transform an anonymous Ikea drawers in a cabinet beautiful and original. A bit 'of paint and imagination there will be enough to make the chest Rast furniture design. Leafing through the attic or cellar sometimes goes to the old piece of furniture, which does not know what can be done. It is destroyed, unattractive, so many people are thinking about the rise of it in the trash. However, having a little ingenuity and creativity, you can sample the cabinet or dresser nicely renew and make that will look like a newly purchased high-end furniture. If you do not need to supplement the wood defects, at the beginning of the entire chest wipe sandpaper. Yes sanded smooth and uniform gain invoice. Next, you must pre-selected furniture paint painted wood, preferably twice. You can choose both the color and the simple colorless gloss. In this way, a dresser becomes a new word, it looks almost as if just been imported from the furniture store. You should also replace the handles on the new, in a different color or shape, so that the furniture starts to show even better if it was placed in the living room or in the bedroom. There remains to choose the perfect dresser for your bedroom! The next post on ShoppingDONNA friends and do not forget our tips for shopping! The pedestals are furniture with drawers very important for the functionality of the bedroom.They can be component parts of the bedside tables or cabinets or drawers to be true in their own right, in this case they are called dresser. There are models or round called "convex", squared, with drawers or doors that hide small shelves. The fronts can be smooth or worked, the drawers can also have legs you know? A little 'a model Louis XV! You can find the most varied colors and surfaces, even coupled materials like velvet or fabric fantasy! To choose the right chest of our advice is always to adapt to the style of the bedroom, trying to maintain a consistency that can involve the rest of furniture: tables, wardrobes, chairs. Surely you could also groped to mix multiple styles, but there are always chromatically similar or that they connect as concepts. Council this opportunity to those who have a bit 'of experience on how to play with the design, or you could read some interesting manual on furniture interior! The original touch of this dresser Rast are the knobs. I chose different ceramic models and I've screwed unpaired. As for all the other pieces of furniture, chests of drawers can give a touch of style to our house, giving a modern connotation rather than classic or vintage.

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