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With his presence adds style and practicality, also called "septet" because in the past many of the models were composed of seven drawers, can be filled with linen or home, sweaters, shirts ... and secrets! Speaking of this piece of furniture, the drawers do not suffocate the space visually and give more freedom than ever present wardrobe. Fulfill important functions, not only to contain, but also to offer a plan that you can make with fun items or functional: lamps, vases, boxes of precious, frames ... and the best that can come to your mind! Downstairs I put all the pot empty instead of Snow Cosmetics, products that I need to have on hand for manicure (base, top coat, lime) and cotton pads. Of the nine drawer dresser provided by 4 I intended to make up and more one for general products for the face (of which I will spare you the vision because there is a casino absurd), the problem is that I entered everything I wanted to put us !! I think, considering the fact that the glazes are also the other way, I have to give me a set with purchases (he said that he was aiming for at least three lipsticks and a palette) ... Is one of the strengths of the sleeping area, indispensable resource saves - and creates - space. Alex has good that all the drawers have the latch, so do not risk too much in that pulling out a drawer, this can come off and fall. The assembly also is simple, the real problem is that it weighs a bang and transportation home is not the most straightforward. Instead of painting the whole drawers of the same color, I decided to paint only the front of the drawers. I chose a yellow color that matches perfectly to the furnishings. This way you can have a piece of furniture other than saving work. For each drawer there are comfortable comfortable 6 boxes Glis, I decided to divide the drawers feature: one in the palette, in a products from the face, etc., and to separate the boxes in the drawers by color. It sounds complicated but seeing the photos will be easier. The drawer units must be equipped with spacious drawers for storing clothes, linens and everything else would be around to create disorder in the room. The emporium of mobile kit offers various types of drawers increasingly, from classic in rustic, modern style, with a wide range of colors, to the decor of your bedroom. The drawer units today are increasingly attention to detail and among the most popular colors we see cherry, wenge, white lacquer and maple essence. The pedestals are also useful for areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen; there are removable or made from a single piece. Leafing through the attic or cellar sometimes goes to the old piece of furniture, which does not know what can be done. It is destroyed, unattractive, so many people are thinking about the rise of it in the trash. However, having a little ingenuity and creativity, you can sample the cabinet or dresser nicely renew and make that will look like a newly purchased high-end furniture. If you do not need to supplement the wood defects, at the beginning of the entire chest wipe sandpaper. Yes sanded smooth and uniform gain invoice. Next, you must pre-selected furniture paint painted wood, preferably twice. You can choose both the color and the simple colorless gloss. In this way, a dresser becomes a new word, it looks almost as if just been imported from the furniture store. You should also replace the handles on the new, in a different color or shape, so that the furniture starts to show even better if it was placed in the living room or in the bedroom.

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