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As I have already told you, the chalk paint is very easy to work with. The cabinet does not need preparation, much less in this case, since the rough pine. I have already explained several times as you work with this paint, so now we skip this part. For each drawer there are comfortable comfortable 6 boxes Glis, I decided to divide the drawers feature: one in the palette, in a products from the face, etc., and to separate the boxes in the drawers by color. It sounds complicated but seeing the photos will be easier. The element that is best suited to accompany a chest of drawers, both aesthetically and functionally, is the mirror of course! And what better way to choose the right one with a targeted shopping? Maybe even online! The seventh instead for their vertical structure are perfectly suited to fill the corners little exploited or otherwise in environments where space is restricted and drawers should occupy the bare minimum! So I decided to buy a new big chest, he went to replace the Malm two drawers and all these cassettierine table, trying to tidy up a bit 'all. The choice fell on Alex 9 drawers Ikea: aesthetics as I would have liked a lot more Malm high but had the problem that the low drawers were too low and drawers funds funds were too small to store products anyway. The price is about 109 euro, which for a dresser of this size is very affordable! To choose the right chest of our advice is always to adapt to the style of the bedroom, trying to maintain a consistency that can involve the rest of furniture: tables, wardrobes, chairs. Surely you could also groped to mix multiple styles, but there are always chromatically similar or that they connect as concepts. Council this opportunity to those who have a bit 'of experience on how to play with the design, or you could read some interesting manual on furniture interior! Instead of painting the whole drawers of the same color, I decided to paint only the front of the drawers. I chose a yellow color that matches perfectly to the furnishings. This way you can have a piece of furniture other than saving work. With his presence adds style and practicality, also called "septet" because in the past many of the models were composed of seven drawers, can be filled with linen or home, sweaters, shirts ... and secrets! Before buying a dresser must evaluate the size, the design, the size of the drawers, if it is provided with wheels and can then be moved. Alex has good that all the drawers have the latch, so do not risk too much in that pulling out a drawer, this can come off and fall. The assembly also is simple, the real problem is that it weighs a bang and transportation home is not the most straightforward. The original touch of this dresser Rast are the knobs. I chose different ceramic models and I've screwed unpaired.

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